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An Interview with the Food and Ag Journalist that the Biotech Industry Fears  Listen to the Interview Here:

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Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Counterspin Radio Show: Carey Gillam on Food Coverage Conflicts

The labeling of Genetically Modified food is a hard-fought policy battle, as Americans demand information about what they eat and and industry demands the ability to obscure that information. But recent evidence suggests we should also pay attention to the labeling of the experts media present on the question of GMOs. Carey Gillam is a longtime food and agriculture journalist, now research director at the group US Right to Know. We’ll talk with her about conflicts of interest in the coverage of our food supply.

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Topeka Capital-Journal

An expert on the food industry and genetically modified organisms gave a presentation to a group of people hungry to learn more about what they are eating. Carey Gillam, who is based in Overland Park, said food companies maintain GMO foods are safe to eat while some consumers aren’t so sure. The primary point of contention now is labeling. “It’s been a very controversial issue,” she said.

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Sierra Club, Topeka, Kansas

C-SPAN Washington Journal

Genetically Modified Foods Carey Gillam talked by remote video from Kansas City, Missouri, about controversy surrounding genetically modified foods, their safety, and use in the U.S. Topics included efforts to better label those products.

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