picture of Carey Gillam

Carey Gillam is a Kansas girl, of the heart and home. But her research has taken her throughout rural America. She has spent time with row crop farmers, ranchers, vegetable growers and orchard operators from the Dakotas to Texas, and from California to the Southeast. She has been welcomed inside the high-tech laboratories, greenhouses and corporate offices of some of the largest U.S. agribusinesses. And she has spent countless hours interviewing key U.S. regulators, lawmakers, and scientists. With years of this behind-the-scenes reporting, Gillam has developed deep insight into the risks and rewards of the modern-day food system, and hopes to share that knowledge with others who care about the food they eat and feed to their families. See Carey on Youtube and follow Carey on Twitter 

  • Society of Environmental Journalists - Freedom of Information Task Force member
  • Society of Professsional Journalists 
  • North American Agricultural Journalists
  • Board Member, Justice Pesticides
  • Consultant and contract editor
  • Documentary film consultant
  • Story consultant for Into the Weeds, which is based on Gillam's second book
  • The Guardian contributor 
  • Huffington Post contributor
  • 17 years experience with Reuters
  • Author of two non-fiction books
  • Contributing author to Routledge Handbook of Environmental Journalism
  • Contributing author to Synthetic Pesticide Use in Africa
  • Former Research Director for U.S. Right to Know, an investigative group focused on public health issues
  • Managing Editor, The New Lede 

"I've always known I wanted to be a journalist, to build a career on the simple pursuit of truth. My work is based on the belief that by sharing information and ideas, airing debates, and unveiling actions and events critical to public policy, we help advance and strengthen our community -- our humanity."