Arizona State University Sustainability Series - Changing Hands Bookstore -  Tempe, Arizona

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Carey Gillam author and journalist will be in Tempe discussing her new book WHITEWASH: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science. Please buy a copy and get it signed at the end!
Wed Nov 1st – Changing Hands – Tempe location
6:30-7:45 PM

Changing Hands Bookstore Tempe
6428 S McClintock Dr.
Tempe, Arizona 85281


Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science
Carey Gillam, Veteran journalist, researcher, and writer

Journalist Carey Gillam. has delved into the big business of food and agriculture for 25 years. As a former senior correspondent for Reuters’ International news service and current research director for the nonprofit U.S. Right to Know, Gillam specializes in uncovering both the risks and rewards of the evolving new age of agriculture from biotech crop technology, agrichemicals and pesticide product development, and the environmental impacts of American food production. Gillam is recognized as one of the top journalists in the U.S. covering these issues.

In this talk, Gillam will discuss Whitewash, the capstone of 20 years of reporting that uncovered corporate strategies to promote the weed killer glyphosate, commonly known as Monsanto’s Roundup, while covering up the chemical’s dangers. Whitewash is a story of power, politics, and the consequences of putting corporate interests ahead of public safety.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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